Park City Goldendoodles Enjoying WinterPark City Goldendoodles Enjoying WinterWinter in Park City Utah is a great time for pet photos!


Why Pet Photography?


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If you are like me, you consider your pet a member of your family.


And like with most pet owners, when you reflect on the memories of the good times you share with your pet, the thing that stands out most is your pet’s unique personality.   That unique personality is what makes your pet different from all the other pets in the neighborhood - and even makes different pets in the same family stand out from each other, right?  Right!


I understand the importance of capturing each pet's unique personality.

I also recognize that each pet is beautiful in his or her own way, no matter the age or activity level.  

When those unique personalities are captured in photographs, those photos - and our pets - are art.

park city photography, pet photography, dog, pet portraits, park city utah, dog photographyDog ProfileFun photo of Abby the Goldendoodle in profile.


Before we talk about what I, as a pet photographer, can do for you, let’s be brutally honest:


  • You’ve taken a bunch of photos of your pet with your cell phone and while you’re certain you have some good photos on your phone somewhere, all you seem to be able to find to show your friends are black blobs, or blurry blobs, or black blurry blobs (don’t feel bad; we all have furry blurry blob photos on our phones).  

  • You have “a friend with a camera” who has great intentions, but ends up giving you a bunch of photos where your pet’s eyes glow like laser beams

  • Your amazing frisbee dog always looks like a giant blur - or worse, a giant blur without a head, because your dog moves faster than you do, no matter how much you try

  • Maybe you’ve tried to get a family photo with all your family members, only to discover that the photographer you’ve hired is scared of dogs!  (It happens!)

  • Or the photographer can’t attract your pet’s attention, and all the family photos have everyone looking at the camera except your dog.

  • Have you given up on the idea of capturing those perfect memories of your furry friend because your pet turns its head - or walks away - every time they are in *that* pose that so defines them?

  • Worst of all, you've had to say your final goodbyes to your furry family member, only to realize you don't have any high quality photographs that allow you to relive your memories and emotions.


You’ve probably had at least one of those experiences.  



The bad news is that these things happen to most pet owners at some point.


The good news is that as a professional pet photography service, I can to come to your rescue!


Queen of the ParkQueen of the ParkCute Corgi surveying her park in Park City Utah



One of the main reasons people choose Liz Dranow Photography is because they want to capture their pet’s unique personality and the fun memories they make with their pets on a daily basis.  The wagging tails and wiggling butts, the excitement you and your dog feel during an invigorating game of fetch, and the lazy, sleepy time on the couch.  Your pet has been with you through the highs and lows of life, and has been a committed friend, a faithful, loyal presence in your home.


Why would any loving pet owner want to miss out on capturing these memories?


They wouldn’t.  And now, you don’t have to.


People choose pet photography for a variety of reasons….


Of course, there is the obvious reason:

    To capture memories of your beloved, faithful family member


But pet photography isn’t just for people who are looking for a “pet only” photography session...


    You might want to announce an engagement or other “life milestone” that wouldn’t be complete without your pet…

    You might want to include your lifelong pet in your session for a new addition to the family….


Or are you looking for a GREAT family portrait?



Of course you are!


And you definitely aren’t looking for an average, boring, stuffy, the-pet-is-an-afterthought portrait.  You are looking for photographs that capture how much your pet is a part of your life.   If you are looking for average photos where you feel stiff and unnatural, you may have found yourself in the wrong place. But,


if you like FUN,

if you like EMOTIONS,

if you want to have a VISUAL ANCHOR that connects you and your pet to the place and time of your photographs,

if you love meaningful DETAILS,

if you want your artwork to capture YOUR PERSONALITY and YOUR PET’S PERSONALITY….

then you are definitely in the RIGHT PLACE!



When pet owners work with me, they get a custom, pet-oriented photography session that will capture their loved one’s personality, their relationship with their pet, and the memories of a lifetime.


Puppy LovePuppy Love


I’ll consult with you ahead of time to work with you to ensure we create a session that best works for you and your pet.


Your Pet’s Portrait Deserves to Be Printed and Displayed


After the photo session, I will work with you to help choose top of the line archival-quality art products to display your artwork. Your pet is beautiful, and we will work together to create art pieces that will display their beauty and will enhance your home.



Vivid Metal?

Framed photographs?

Large Folio BoxLarge Folio Box

There’s something for everyone, and I’ll help you choose the products and sizes that will really stand out in your home.


While I will sell digital photos (we all like to share photos on Facebook, and my screen-savers will always be my dogs) I will always sell them with a print. Digital photos tend to sit on a hard drive, or phone, or on an external storage device and rarely get looked at. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. The photos I look at and connect with are the canvases and prints on my walls, the framed prints on my desk and tables, and the photo books on my coffee table.




If you love and cherish your pet, you really can’t afford NOT to invest in custom pet photography




You invest a lot of time, care and love in your pet.  Treat yourself and your pet, and capture your memories with custom art.  You won’t regret it.


We all want our pets to live forever, but unfortunately, at some point we have to say goodbye to our pets. Photographs are the single best way to help move through the grieving process, and to recall memories and feelings long after we have said goodbye. Photographs keep our pets alive in our hearts forever.


“So now what do I do?”


This part is easy!  I’d love to get to know about you and your pet.  


I look forward to hearing from you!