What's in a Photo Shoot?


Bonding time. Playtime. Exploration. Connecting the past, the present and the future.

Celebration. Snacks. Squeaky toys. Fun. Adventure. Love and joy.


You and your dog have a special bond, and you want that bond to last forever. You want to make tangible that surge of delight and contentment you feel every time you see your dog; you want to bottle those sensations so you can revisit them any time you like, whenever you like.  

The PrizeThe Prize

Travel back in time and reconnect with the smells, sounds, sights and sensations you have shared with your dog.



Photographs are the vehicle that transport you back to the smells of puppy breath, funballs playtime in the park and lazy Saturday afternoons napping in the sun. 


Time travel on demand happens in three easy steps...


1. Plan your journey

Let's get to know each other. Tell me about how you and your pet reached this moment in time; tell me where you met, the special times you share together, the places you've been, the places you want to go.  This is where the adventure begins. I'll take this information and create a unique photo experience for your and your dog.


2. Experience the voyage

We'll start our photo experience someplace where you are and your dog are comfortable, and whether we stay in familiar surroundings or explore a location new to you, the focus will be on you and your pet experiencing the surroundings together. I want to see you and your pet being yourselves, no matter if you are bouncy and energetic, relaxed and casual, well-behaved or not so much.  We'll try for a mix of posed and candid photographs, with the emphasis on joy and fun that I will bring to your photographs.


3. Re-live the adventure

We'll go through the photographs together and discover the best way to create your personal time machine. The sights, the smells, the bonding and the joy you and your dog shared during your photo experience will be available to you in a way that best lets you experience those sensations any time you wish. 


Interested in creating your own unique journey in space and time?

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