What People Are Saying About Liz Dranow Photography



I only had 3 days notice that my dog was terminally ill and that his suffering needed to be relieved. Liz came out the very next day and spent a few hours taking great photos for my family.

-Jillian, Hamilton's Mom

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I already knew you are a great photographer and are good with the dogs. If anything it turned out even better than expected, I really had a good time and feel the experience alone was so much fun!  I really loved how you let my dogs be themselves and were able to capture their personalities!  I will recommend Liz to all my friends and I will say, not only are you getting beautiful photos, you are capturing memories with your pets that you will cherish always. Also it's so much fun and Liz does a lot of free work for the animals at my shelter and more, so you are supporting a wonderful business doing amazing things.

-Kathy Jo Ventrano, Mom to Gemma, Jewel, Capone, and Donatello



This experience was incredible for several reasons. First, Liz is just amazing, kind and compassionate, and made us all feel so good about this project. We got Winnie as an "adjustment puppy!" We moved here (Utah) with a senior in high school and a senior dog from Michigan, leaving siblings and "the pack" behind. Being involved in this project helped us all adjust to our new life, it helped us to feel settled. Documenting Winnie's growth and Lucky's adjustment to her was a hoot and a gift. I just cannot say enough about how Liz, the project, and her ability to capture the true hearts and souls of our dogs.

-Liz F., Winnie's Mom




As my sweet old Golden Retriever, Belle, is starting to struggle with stairs and is slowing down on our walks, it makes me sad to realize that she won't always be with me.  Liz was able to capture Belle in a youthful light!  She truly looks happy and active, inquisitive and intense and a variety of other expressions and postures that encompasses every aspect of Belle's personality.  How awesome it is to have these amazing photographs around my home to enjoy and remember the younger, more active Belle while she is still with us, not to mention when she'll be gone.  The quality and presentation of the photographs is superb, better than any photographs I've ever purchased.  Liz's compassion and commitment to aging pets, quality and customer service is totally evident throughout the entire process and exceeded expectations.  She has provided me with a remarkable gift that I'll always be able to enjoy.  Many thanks Liz!

-Theresa M.




Liz is so very patient. Excellent photographer. Great with dogs!  I was worried that Lucy wouldn't sit still long enough to get a good shot. I was so wrong. Liz is such a pro she was able to get little Lucy at her best, in a flash!

-Jean H.



Liz is patient and very accommodating with the dog and his owner! She is professional and makes every effort to make the experience successful. When choosing the items, Liz is very helpful with recommendation. I highly recommend Liz for anyone's fuzzy family members!  [My fear was] that Kydo would simply not cooperate, he's never been to a photo shoot before. Nothing to fear! Liz had him eating out her hand and showed me what to do to get him to look in the direction we wanted.

-Carolina F.


Julie Bee, a senior dog adopted at the age of 15, enjoying Salt Lake City in winter!

I loved the attention you payed to my furry pet, the kindness and patience. I feel that not only was the experience positive for me but the it was a positive experience for my dog as well.  [My fear was] that my very senior dog wouldn't sit well for a photo shoot and you would get frustrated with her. Well she didn't sit well, but you never got frustrated or angry. You were so patient with her and me that my fear melted away.   [I would tell other people considering hiring Liz] that 1. She will take the time needed to get the right photo. 2. She is a animal lover and will treat your pet with the respect they deserve. 3. She is a gifted photographer and can capture the essence of your pet.

- Randy T.




I'd say that not only is this a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a private photo shoot with your four legged family member, but I'd emphasize how much fun it is and how many memories are made! My 2 dogs had a blast! They loved all the treats and attention, and everything was very professional!

-Aniko P.




I love how you were with my dogs and of course specially with Blacky, you were very loving and patient with him. I think Blacky had a lot of fun with you and all the doggy treats he got that day. You are amazing and very profesional, fun and I can tell you are a dog lover and you enjoy what you do. I definitely, will recommend you with anyone who has dogs for sure. :) Thank you.

-Elsa Rosales


Classic Basset Hound FaceClassic Basset Hound FaceMolly the Basset Hound, enjoying a studio photography session.

At first, I felt that it would be too upsetting for our dog.  I thought that she might not pose, and that she would appear sick in her pictures.  (She has cancer). I thought she would be too exhausted to participate.  Instead, she bounced to life when Liz arrived.  She was very animated and Liz knew how to relax her, get her to pose, and to bring out her best qualities. We loved Liz's relationship with our dog.  She genuinely cared about her, played with her, and completely put her at ease.  The results were fabulous pictures, ones that we will cherish after Molly is gone.  Molly enjoyed being the center of attention and we loved seeing her so happy. Don't hesitate to call Liz.  She will become your pet's best friend.  The resulting pictures will create great memories for you.  

-Linda Pearson, mother of Molly




Seeing the images after was my favorite part of the session, but I enjoyed watching Blu interact with Liz and the camera because this was his first time being photographed like that in a studio setting. I would absolutely recommend Liz to any of my friends with furry companions. I would show them the images that I have purchased and encourage them to book a session if they were interested. I would let them know that Liz takes a variety of images so there are a lot of expressions to choose from and tell them about all the great metal and canvas options for printing. Thank you again! I love the images and will cherish them as a memory of Blu forever.

-Dani Loranger



My friends I can not tell you wonderful Liz Dranow Photography is. Liz does an amazing job in capturing the most beautiful moments between you and your pet. I can tell you first hand how amazing she is. When she captured the bond between Goose me and when I received the photos it was nothing short of breathtaking and heart warming. I HIGHLY recommend Liz Dranow Photography. Tell her Goose sent you. You won't be disappointed and you will have a treasure to cherish for a life time.

-Michelle Perry



Excellent photographer.  Loves animals.  Very friendly.

-Barbara M.