Infinity Sessions $299 Nothing better than a senior dog in a classic truck!Milo and his father and their classic pickup truckMilo, an 11-year old beagle, and his father hanging out in their classic pickup truck.

Saying goodbye to your pet is the most difficult thing you’ll ever have to do, whether you have only spent a short amount of time with your pet or if you have spent a lifetime together. These special, end-of-life sessions are specifically designed for terminally ill or elderly pets. The beautiful photos from this session will highlight the bond and love you and your pet share.


Infinity sessions include:


  • A phone consultation to determine the best way to highlight the bond between you and your pet; we'll talk about how to create a photography session that will transport you to memories of activities, joys and events you and your pet have shared, including:
    • what you two do (or have done) together,
    • locations that are special to you both, and
    • tangible items that are important to you and your pet
  • Three styrene-mounted prints with stands ($150 value!)
  • Digital photos of the mounted prints you selected, perfect for holiday cards or sharing
  • In-person or online design meeting for reviewing your images and choosing your artwork
  • Good karma - when you purchase this session, I will donate a photography session to the owner of a senior or terminally ill pet who cannot afford a photography session, allowing them to have priceless photographs of their beloved friend and companion


To learn more about Infinity Sessions, contact me directly at 801-712-3200, or [email protected] or tell me a little bit more about your and your pet, so I can create a custom experience for you and your pet.


More About Infinity Sessions

  • People with senior pets who invest in Infinity Sessions have found that the images created are priceless memories that not only help them through the grieving process, but help keep them connected to their pets long after they are gone.


  • I know with an older or ailing pet, there can be significant expenses related to their care. Please ask me about payment plans or other arrangements if finances are a concern, as there is nothing more valuable than an image to help recall precious feelings and memories.


  • I archive all images so they are available whenever you’re ready to select the images you like best.


  • I make Inifinity Sessions a priority, and can be scheduled on very short notice if necessary, but if this type of session is something you are considering, I strongly recommend planning ahead.



For more information, or to schedule an Infinity Session contact me directly at 801-712-3200, or [email protected] or tell me a little bit more about your and your pet, so I can create a custom experience for you and your pet.



Photo Galleries

To see a gallery of senior dogs I have photographed, click here: Senior Dogs

To see some complete photo shoots from the many Infinity Sessions I've done, check out these galleries:

  • Riot - Riot is an 11 year old Dutch Shepherd whose owner's granddaughter commissioned photos with her grandmother in one of their favorite locations.

  • Harley - Harley was a 12 year old Goldendoodle with cancer. We were able to spend a good deal of time with him and his family.

  • Teddy - Teddy was a 14 year-old Golden Retriever who had developed large, inoperable masses and his parents had transitioned to comfort care; because of his mobility issues, Teddy and his parents and I met in his backyard to photograph him, and Teddy even played with a few toys he hadn't played with in several years!

  • Hamilton - Hamilton's parents discovered that he had a very aggressive cancer only days before it was time to say goodbye. With very short notice, we were able to get together with Hamilton's family and friends at his house to celebrate his life; it was an honor to be included in this celebration and to be able to photograph these moments for his family

  • Tank - Tank is a Mastiff who was admitted to an ER in Salt Lake, and his family was uncertain as to whether he would be discharged, so his photo session took place at the vet clinic. Luckily Tank recovered and was able to return home to his family!  Read more about Tank here

  • Milo - Milo is a 12 year-old beagle who lives with his Mom and Dad, his kitty sister and his chicken siblings; Milo's Dad owns a classic pickup truck, and Milo loves hanging out in the truck, even when it isn't going anywhere!

  • Princess - Princess was a 15 year-old miniature poodle whose age was catching up with her, but turned on all the charm for her photoshoot

  • Julie Bee - Julie Bee is a lucky gal who was adopted from Salt Lake County Animal Services as a Super Senior (she's 13 in this shoot); about a week after she was adopted, I met Julie Bee and her Mom at Liberty Park for some mother-daughter bonding time

  • Belle - Belle is a 13 year old Golden Retriever who was Goose the Weimaraner's best friend - see below - (you'll see some photos of Goose, who had crossed the Rainbow Bridge when this session was done); Belle doesn't get around as well as she used to, but she managed to chase a few tennis balls just for me!

  • Blacky - Blacky was an 11 year old miniature Schnauzer with congestive heart failure; Blacky was comfortable in his home and his yard, and I was able to photograph Blacky in his favorite locations

  • Toby - Toby is a 9 year old with back and knee issues that have sidelined him from training for marathons with his Mom, but he still has the medals from the events he entered with his Mom, and he still enjoys a good swim!

  • Molly - Molly was a 3 year old Basset Hound with a very aggressive cancer.  Molly hadn't been feeling well before the photo shoot, but she perked up for her photo shoot and we were able to create some amazing memories for her family during the photo shoot, and were able to capture her personality, which lives on in everyone who knew her.

  • Goose and Michelle - Goose was a Weimaraner celebrating his 15th birthday (hence the party hats) with his beloved Mom, Michelle.  These two had an incredible bond, and Goose lives on in the heart of everyone who met him




For more information, or to schedule an Infinity Session contact me directly at 801-712-3200, or [email protected] or tell me a little bit more about your and your pet, so I can create a custom experience for you and your pet.