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Why should I hire you? There a lots of photographers in Utah.

My dog doesn't obey any commands How are you going to get any photos?

My dog gets super excited around strangers. How can you get photos if she's bouncing around?

My dog is really shy. How can you get photos if he's hiding under the couch?

My dog is old and has some health issues. Will you be able to get good photos of her?

How much does this cost?


Is this going to be one of those really boring FAQ pages that exist because people are told they have to have a FAQ page?

Good grief. I hope not. I hate boring FAQ pages. And I have pictures, so even if there are too many words to read, there are pictures!


Why should I hire you? There a lots of photographers in Utah.

If you like the idea of holding a photograph in your hands and seeing beyond the edges of photograph, traveling back in time to revist all the things that were going on when the photograph was taken, then hire me. I specialize in creating photographic time machines - every person and every dog has a story, and I work with you to show that story in photographs, so you can relive it whenever you want.  

If you want to have a fun, relaxed experience with no high-pressure sales tactics, hire me. I don't do the "if you don't order all your photos RIGHT NOW, I'll delete them and you'll NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN" thing.  Not only is that icky and uncomfortable, but I'd hate it if someone did that to me.


If you want a new experience with your dog, hire me. We'll go on a hike, or explore Park City (or wherever you are), or pick silly props for you and your dog, or just hang out and see if we can remember any of the commands from puppy class. I work with you to create the experience and the memories you want. Everyone is different, and I personalize every photo session to make it meaningful for you and fun for you and your pet.

Oh, and I come to you. You don't have to load your dog (or even better, your carrier-hating cat - I've had one like that, and I know how much "fun" that can be to attempt to get a cat into a carrier when he HATES the carrier and will do everything in his power to NOT get in it) into the car and go to some weird-smelling place that is going to completely freak your dog out.  I come to you, wherever you and your dog (or carrier-hating cat) are comfortable. If you want a studio-style set-up, I bring lights and backdrops. If you want to go on a hike, we meet at the trail head with hiking boots, water, and my backpack with my camera equipment.


And don't just take my word for why you want to hire me. Read what other people have said. Or set up a time to talk with me on the phone - see if we "click" - it doesn't cost anything, and you'll get a much better sense of whether we'll work well together.

Liz in ActionLiz in Action



My dog doesn't obey any commands. How are you going to get any photos?

Four words: very fast shutter speeds.  Hahaha!  Just kidding.  (Sort of. With puppies, a fast shutter speed is a must.) 

_DSC0266_EditWinnie the Poodle

Winnie, at 14 weeks old and about ready to pounce on her brother!

Seriously though, I have been photographing dogs, first for myself and then as a professional for over 10 years.  I have a lot of tricks in my bag to get dogs to pay attention, even if they don't have a perfect 'sit' or 'stay' (or any concept of 'sit' or 'stay').  This is something we will talk about on the phone, because each dog is different, but I have been photographing dogs and cats for Salt Lake County Animal Services since 2014, and many of those dogs are still working on manners and basic skills. With a little patience, some good snacks, and a little assistance from you, we'll be able to get good photographs.  Again, we'll talk about this, but don't worry - very few of the dogs (and none of the cats) I have photographed have been perfectly behaved. My own certainly aren't!


My dog gets super excited around strangers. How can you get photos if she's bouncing around?

First, one of my dogs barks at EVERYTHING. The UPS guy (no matter how many times I tell her she should be nice to him because he brings boxes of bully sticks To Her Door!), dogs on the street, stray air molecules. EVERYTHING. So I'm used to excited dogs.

Puppy LovePuppy Love

Again, this is something we'll talk about on the phone, because (again) every dog is different, but most dogs get excited when someone new visits. I like to take a little time without the camera to get to know your dog, and to have them get to know me. I use a variety of treats and toys and non-threatening behaviors to introduce myself and I take the time to make sure everyone is comfortable before we start the photo session.  This is a big reason why we meet at a location where you and your dog are comfortable, and why I make sure we have plenty of time to 'meet and greet' before we start photographing.


My dog is really shy. How can you get photos if he's hiding under the couch?

As with really excited dogs, I'll take plenty of time to make sure your dog is comfortable with me. In some cases, your dog may only be comfortable in your lap. That's okay. We can start off photographing with your dog in your lap, and as your dog becomes more comfortable, we can move on to settings that don't always include your lap. (Unless you'd really like all your photos to be of your dog in your lap - in which case we'll switch up locations, and make a series of Lap Dog photos!)  I have spent several years working with dog trainers and animal behaviorists, and have some techniques that can help dogs feel relaxed. All of my equipment has been dog-tested, and if your dog wants to check out my camera or whatever, he's always welcome to do so! Again, we'll talk about this. I have a lot of patience (and good treats), so we'll figure out a way to convince your dog that there are fun, non-scary things going on in places that aren't under the couch!

The monster under the bed

My youngest dog LOVED hanging out under the bed. Now she can't fit there! 


My dog is old and has some health issues. Will you be able to get good photos of her?


DSC_4357-EditTankTank was in a veterinary ER in Salt Lake City when this photo was taken. Luckily, Tank recuperated and was able to go home.

If you have specific concerns (sutures from a recent surgery, unstable on her feet, blind, deaf, or other special needs), let me know and we'll work together to make sure you and your pet are comfortable and we get the best possible photos.  There are a lot of ways to hide temporary issues (shaving from surgery, or sutures), and plenty of techniques to make dogs with more permanent health issues comfortable and shown to their best advantage.  


I do a lot of work with senior/ill pets and have a page specifically dedicated to Infinity Sessions for those pets.


Love, Always


How much does this cost?

Custom sessions are $300 with 100% of the session fee going towards your purchase. Clients typically spend between $800 and $3000 on products. For $3000, clients might get a large piece of wall art for over the sofa, smaller wall art pieces as accents or for other rooms of the house, and gift prints for family and friends. For $800, clients might get a custom image box, or a large canvas or metal print and smaller gift prints. When we meet, I will show you the various options for presenting your photos, including sizes, and materials.  There is no minimum purchase and payment plans are available.  The get an idea of some of the products available, check out my products, and I am always happy to bring samples or discuss other presentation options.



I have other questions that you haven't answered here! Help!

No worries! You can always set up a time to talk with me on the phone. Or, if talking on the phone isn't your thing, you can text me at 801-712-3200 or email me directly at [email protected], or contact me using the handy contact form.  I look forward to hearing from you in whatever way you like to communicate!