Commercial Pet Photography



Are you a dog walker? Do you have pet boutique? How about a new dog collar company? 

I have a package for you!  Half-day packages start at $499 for 5 high-resolution images.

Social Media Packages

If you are looking for social media only brand photos, I have subscription programs available (one year commitment required, payment plans available!): 

  • For only $125/month, you will get 4 sessions a year, with each session generating a library of 25 images per quarter (designed for businesses posting 1-2 times per week)
  • For $200/month you will get 4 sessions a year, with each session generating a library of 60 images (designed for businesses posting 3-5 times per week)

If you are new to brand photos, contact me for more information and special promotions!


Maybe you have a market in Utah and are looking to expand?

Full day packages with 12 high-resolution images and licensing start at $1499.


Are you a larger business looking for Utah-specific scenery, including mountains, snow, salt flats, upscale resort properties, or small-town charm? 



Let's talk to create a package that fits your specific needs!  Contact me at 801-712-3200, or email me at [email protected]