Shelter Dogs and Street Art - Cujo

March 08, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

I'm a bit behind here (there's a reason; big stuff is in the works! Stay tuned!) In January King Cujo and his Mom and I met in downtown Salt Lake City and checked out some local murals. 


The first place we went was to Pictureline with the oh-so-cool Dennis Hopper Shooting Dennis Hopper mural by Jann Haworth:


Cujo totally has that rebel look going!

We then moved on to the Utah Industry mural by Evan Jed Memmott:


Location: 723 W Kilby Court, Salt Lake City

We then moved on to the last mural we stopped at for the day, some cool cartoon characters by Trent Call:

DSC_8773-Edit_8764DSC_8773-Edit_8764 DSC_8802-EditDSC_8802-Edit Location: 798 W Kilby Court, Salt Lake City

Cujo was such a rockstar, and this was a great adventure for Cujo, his mom and me.  It's always good to get out in the fresh air and discover some of the amazing, unique street art in Salt Lake City.


I am always looking for models, so if you have an adopted pet (from any shelter or rescue), and would like to be part of this project, reach out to me with this form.  Your dog doesn't have to have any special skills other than a willingness to walk (or roll) around a block or so of Salt Lake. A 'sit' would be nice, but not necessary.  Feel free to email me, too, with any questions!


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