Shelter Dogs and Street Art - Crimson

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Wow! I have gotten behind in posting my adventures, and this adventure in particular.  This one was great!


I met another volunteer at the shelter to pick a dog for a Hounds Around Town adventure, and we were both drawn to Crimson, a senior, full-figured Pittie. He was so happy, even in his kennel, and his smile just lit the place up, so he was an easy choice.


DSC_4301-EditDSC_4301-EditHow can you say no to that face?

We decided to revisit the murals in Midvale (the last time I had been there with Gary and Austin it was so cold I thought my fingers were going to fall off!) because I had seen so many really interesting ones that we just couldn't visit with Gary and Austin.


As I do with all dogs in this project, we take a bit of time to meet and greet each other, and check out the location, just to make sure everyone is comfortable.  Crimson was a rockstar from the very start.

DSC_4281-EditDSC_4281-Edit DSC_4278-EditDSC_4278-Edit

I couldn't find an artist for this very cool dragon on a low wall, but it's beautiful!

Location: 681 W Center St, Midvale, UT 84047

The square we were in had a bunch of murals in very close proximity, so we checked out several of them.


We then stopped by another unsigned, colorful piece of street art.  Crimson loved the adventure (and the snacks we had)!


That smile!

Then we stopped by the Main Street Theater, for this very cool work by @knucklebeanie


Our final stop on the trip was this huge mural, Focus on the Good, by @ 


Crimson showed us that he could dance, too! DSC_4387-EditDSC_4387-Edit DSC_4433-EditDSC_4433-Edit

So very handsome!


We had a great time with Crimson, and he had fun with us!


Crimson's story doesn't quite end here, though.  I learned a bit later than Crimson and his sister Jersey, another senior dog, had ended up in the shelter because their owner had died.  The shelter was willing to adopt Crimson and Jersey separately only because they thought it was a huge ask to find someone who would adopt them both together.  However, the staff and the volunteers did our best to show off Crimson and Jersey together as much as possible in the impossible hope that there might be a special someone who would take them both.



Crimson and Jersey together at their shoot in the shelter.


About a week after this photo was taken, I heard the Most Excellent News - a family adopted Crimson and Jersey together!!!  It's hard to get senior dogs adopted in the first place, and getting two senior dogs adopted together is very hard.  But I guess all the good wishes and thoughts for these two were heard by the universe, and they found their perfect family.  I am so thrilled for these two super sweet dogs.  They are both so special, and I'm glad someone knew they had to have these two in their own home.  Thank you all who adopt!


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