Shelter Dogs and Street Art - Romeo and Swiper, Pt 2

February 13, 2023  •  1 Comment

Back to the adventures with Romeo and Swiper.  In the first part of their adventure at the SLC Arts Hub, we were in the "front lot".  Now we move on to the back lot.  (And for the life of me, every time I read that I think of the Monty Python episode with the Spanish Inquisiton, and the lady showing the photos of Uncle Ted moving from the side of the house to the back of the house...) 

The first mural that caught our eye was this ginormous one on the back wall with a leaping tiger.  Needless to say, Romeo was certain that he could imitate art

DSC_1470-EditDSC_1470-Edit DSC_1453-EditDSC_1453-Edit

Swiper was more interested in getting up on the big stage! DSC_1494-EditDSC_1494-Edit

Swiper was then ready to go to the ball, but apparently her carriage driver was more interested in posing for photos than actually going anywhere!  DSC_1519-EditDSC_1519-Edit DSC_1534-EditDSC_1534-Edit

"Yeah, fine, I'll just sit here and look beautiful until my prince comes to sweep me off my feet!"

Romeo and Swiper then discovered the giant letters, and thought they should pose by them.  (And who am I to argue with the models?!?)

DSC_1564-EditDSC_1564-Edit DSC_1572-EditDSC_1572-Edit

We then moved on to the final mural of the day - I was starting to get a bit tired (although I think Romeo and Swiper could have done this for days!).


Romeo, wondering where his TARDIS is...

 Romeo, Swiper, and their parents were such good sports! It was a real pleasure to meet all of them and spend some time with them. I really hope I get the opportunity to work with them again, as it was a great afternoon!  


Street art speaks to me on so many levels. It gives me an opportunity to spend time outdoors, and I have the joy of discovery every time I see a work of street art, even if I've seen it before. Because street art is outside, the time of day, the weather, and the sunlight can change how the art looks and how it resonates with you; every experience is unique, and that is so cool!


Many thanks, again, to the SLC Arts Hub for letting us explore all of the amazing art there!  I look forward to going back, as there is yet more art to discover!


The Oceanside Animals(non-registered)
Lulu: "Getting skritches from an impossible astronaut ― that'll be tough to top, Romeo!"
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