Shelter Dogs and Street Art - Romeo and Swiper, Pt 1.

February 06, 2023  •  1 Comment

Usually I put the entire session in one post, as I try to keep these sessions short. Most of the dogs aren't professional models, and photo shoots take more mental energy than you might expect.  (But, a tired dog is a good dog, right?)  Romeo and Swiper, however, are not only supermodels, but they are super athletes, too, joining their family on 3-13 mile runs most days, so they had energy for days!  We at the SLC Arts Hub in Salt Lake City and took a bunch of time to explore some of the amazing art on the premises.  All murals are officially 'property' of the Utah Arts Alliance, and so I don't have artists' name for most of these, but I do have permission to use the artwork.  That said, I'd like to keep trying to track down the artists to show my appreciation for their amazing work.



The first stop didn't quite work out as planned - ideally one of the dogs would have been in front of one of the silhouettes in this first mural, but Romeo and Swiper were good sports and we still got a great photo!


DSC_1364-EditDSC_1364-Edit Then we moved on to this really cool mural; Romeo didn't seem to be at all fazed by the ginormous teeth and claws behind him.  (Maybe he figured his own teeth and claws were an equal match! But Romeo doesn't have crazy eyes, so he wins in the overall looks department, I think!)


DSC_1386-EditDSC_1386-Edit DSC_1400-EditDSC_1400-Edit DSC_1407-EditDSC_1407-Edit Then we moved on to this beautiful mural.  We figured Swiper's red coloring would go well with this work.  As a supermodel, Swiper was a pro with the 'Oh, I'm so bored with this' look.  Don't let that face fool you - she was having fun, and she was VERY well rewarded for her time and patience!


DSC_1420-EditDSC_1420-Edit Romeo then reminded me that this project is a dream for me, and I'm having a ball with chasing my dream!


DSC_1436-Edit-EditDSC_1436-Edit-Edit Swiper then had the opportunity to mimic the pose behind her.  She couldn't really pull off the bored nonchalance of the model behind her, but she rocked the head tilt! 

This mural I actually have the artist info for: @daoverstreet 

At this point, we moved to the back lot for more murals, and adventures, so stay tuned for the second part of this adventure.  (Did I mention that Romeo and Swiper - and their parents - were absolutely fantastic?  I meet this most amazing people with this project, and it makes this even more fun!)


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Lulu: "Substitute 'squirrel' for 'dream' and I'm all on board with that mural!"
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