(H2)O? Eau? Oh!

August 20, 2022  •  1 Comment

Heheh! I'm a sucker for a play on words! And I love water!  (Daisy - in the photo below - wasn't too sure about water the first time she went swimming!)


I have a new Outex underwater housing for my camera, and I'm dying to go out and use it (my day job, the weather, and other people's day jobs have conspired against me this last week), but I'm hoping to get out to one of the local reservoirs this week and test it out, because I LOVE photographing in water.  I haven't done much of it lately because I didn't have an underwater housing for my good cameras, and while my Olympus TG-5 is a nice point-and-shoot camera, it is still a point-and shoot camera.  So.... stay tuned for new over/underwater (split photos) soon.  But while I'm jonesing to get out in the water (yes, I've checked about 5 times to make sure my wetsuit fits!), and thinking that if there isn't thunder, shooting in a downpour might be a first step, I've been looking back at photos of Fi at the Dog Dive.  The light in the Dog Dive wasn't great, and it wasn't a huge pool, but Angela was awesome, and a lot of special memories were made there.



I loved Fi's Friday afternoon "swimmie" times; Fi LOVED to go swimming - she was always so excited to go, she loved being in the pool, and she LOVED getting massages. I loved being able to share that time with her. I don't think it was by chance that Fi was able to have a good swim session the day before we said goodbye (the cancer was winning, and she wasn't very strong and so didn't swim very much, but she still loved being in the water, and it made me happy to see her enjoying herself) - I think it was one of her final gifts to me. And I still get choked up thinking about that.




I love everything about water - the refraction of light, the feeling of weightlessness, and probably because I was a swimmer as a kid, the absolute sense of fun and play that I have everytime I'm in water!

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While the Dog Dive is gone, I've already found some indoor pools in Salt Lake City and am in the process of scheduling swim times for Daisy and Lucy-Fur and Bella (all separately!), so that once they learn how to swim (it's been a while since Daisy and Lucy-Fur have been swimming, and I don't think Bellatrix has ever been swimming), I can get in the water with them, too.  And yes, I'll have my camera in my Outex housing so there will be photos!  Because nothing is better than spending time with dogs when they are having fun!


What do your dogs love doing for fun?


The Oceanside Animals(non-registered)
Lulu: "I like getting belly rubs! And chasing squirrels!"
Java Bean: "I like ripping up the carpet! And chasing cats!"
Charlee: "Bean, you need some new hobbies."
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