Wow! Where Has The Time Gone?

July 09, 2022  •  2 Comments

Ironic that the last post I put up was 'My pet is a healthy adult - why should I get photos?'  I said goodbye to my senior dog (the one who was so healthy in that last post, 4 years ago) in 2020.  She was almost 12 and had GI lymphoma.  It sucked.  (Saying goodbye, that is.  The lymphoma wasn't much fun, either).  Fi was the first puppy I had as an adult, and she was my muse, my confidante, and as I often told her, the love of my life.  I am so eternally grateful that I was able to so much time with Fi.  And, I won't lie, I'm so grateful I had photos of her throughout her life.  Even now, I sit here typing this, Daisy, my oldest Doodle (at almost 6) is asleep on the floor, surrounded by her sister Lucy-Fur, and our latest addition, Bellatrix, and Fi's presence is all around us.  And not in a creepy way, but in a benevolent, looking over us and making sure all is well way.

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Fi will always be in my heart, and surrounded by photos of her and her sisters, she lives on forever.  And more than anything, she taught me to live in the moment - when it comes down to it, life is a series of moments to be thoroughly enjoyed at the time, and revisited and savored later with the help of photographs.


Daisy and Lucy-Fur have been excellent companions for each other and for me.  With the pandemic, they also became my co-workers, as well as my photography models and action stars!

DSC_1774-EditDSC_1774-Edit DSC_7562-Edit-EditDSC_7562-Edit-Edit

And now, very recently, we finally added a third dog to our family again. I continue to volunteer at Salt Lake County Animal Services, and kept looking until we found the perfect fit for our family, Bellatrix.  She's a young (6 or 7 month old) Goldendoodle, and fits in quite well with Daisy and Lucy.


DSC_6177-EditDSC_6177-Edit DSC_4852-EditDSC_4852-Edit DSC_5054-EditDSC_5054-Edit


And me? I'm still working full-time as a biostatistician, volunteering for Salt Lake County Animal Services, including participating in their Hounds Around Town program to get photos of dogs outside the shelter, and working on some personal projects as well as photography sessions for clients and commercial work for several businesses locally as well as a few national companies.  Life is never dull, and I'm definitely living life thoroughly!  


Cheers!  (Or, as Fi would say, *kissey face* !)



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Charlee: "Hi Fiona! Always nice to see you visiting from the Rainbow Bridge!"
Chaplin: "Tell Dennis we all said hello, okay?"
Happy Birthday in heaven, Fi♥ You shared a birthday with angel Maggie and my mom so you will never be forgotten to us♥
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