Shelter Dogs and Street Art - Moonfire

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I am actively looking for dogs to be a part of this project.  If you have a rescue dog, are a shelter or rescue volunteer, or just want to help promote adoptable dogs while exploring some street art in northern Utah, contact me!  There is no charge to you, and you will get some photographic prints for your time and participation, as well as my undying gratitude!

The Hounds Around Town program through Salt Lake County Animal Services helps get shelter dogs out of the kennels and go on adventures with volunteers. The adventures range from hikes to getting puppaccinos to getting a bath, and, being a supermodel (or any combination of those activities). It's a great way to get the dogs away from the kennels for a bit while the volunteers learn more about the dogs, and get more photos to help get these dogs adopted.  I'm very fortunate to be able to tag along from time to time, and even more fortunate to have other volunteers indulge my passion for street art!  Ultimately, my goal is to help these dogs get adopted, while also raising awareness of the wide variety of shelter dogs available for adoption and showing off the amazing street art in the Salt Lake City area.


Moonfire is a 13 year old female Cattle Dog, and she was a total rockstar supermodel on her Hounds Around Town adventure.  She loved the camera, and was so much fun to photograph.  We found a side street in South Salt Lake City that had several murals, and Moonfire showed us what an awesome girl she is.




Hai. I like the camera. I also like snacks.


DSC_7837-EditDSC_7837-Edit DSC_7795-EditDSC_7795-Edit


Artist: TakerOne (@takeronegraffiti)

Location: 155 West Utopia Avenue, South Salt Lake


Mural: Light Work

Location: Utopia Avenue off West Temple, Salt Lake City

Artist: Chuck Landvatter (@chuckaintnobody)

DSC_7894-EditDSC_7894-Edit DSC_7918-EditDSC_7918-Edit DSC_7928-EditDSC_7928-Edit Mural: Fish and Astronaut

Artist: Chris Peterson Studio

Location: 154 West Utopia Avenue, South Salt Lake




Mural: Big Bear

Artist: Chris Peterson Studio

Location: 154 West Utopia Avenue, South Salt Lake




Mural: Very Colorful Collage

Artist: Billy Hensler (@hensler_art)

Location: 194 West Utopia Avenue, South Salt Lake

DSC_8009-EditDSC_8009-Edit DSC_8014-EditDSC_8014-Edit

Mural: Look Away

Artist: Chuck Landvatter  (@chuckaintnobody)

Location: 194 West Utopia Avenue, South Salt Lake



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