Happy Mother's Day

May 10, 2016  •  1 Comment

All my kids have paws, so Mother's Day is pretty much like any other day for me (other than Skyping with my family who all gather at my parent's house - everyone except me lives fairly close together - which is great fun since my brothers have grown kids and getting most everyone together is a big task!).  I shared my Sunday morning breakfast with my kids (fried eggs - they get the yolks, I get the whites), we went on a few walkies in the rain, spent some time chasing frisbees, and some time letting the girls bark at the computer screen while I was Skyping with the family. (I'm sure my parents totally appreciated that!  Heehee!)  A perfect Mother's Day, in my mind!


Yesterday, I got to spend some time with a friend of mine whose only child also has paws, and I was able to get some "mother and son" photos for her. These two have such an incredible bond, and it is always inspiring to see these two together - they are the personification (dogification?) of unconditional love. It was an impromptu shoot, and her boy was being silly - which was great, because posed photos all the time don't necessarily capture reality!


After being silly, Buddy settled down a bit, and let me get some more "serious" photos of him. I really like that parts of Michelle are in the background, because it illustrates their unbreakable bond even when the focus of the photograph is on Buddy.

Yes, Mother's Day is about me being able to spend time with my mother and the rest of the family (even if it is through the magic of Skype), but it is also about sharing the joy of the love between a mother and her son.


If you'd like photos of your own furry (or feathery, or hairless) kids, contact me at 801-712-3200 or [email protected] or use the built-in contact form and tell me what you love best about your kids!


Hahahhahha. Oh that boy of mine. I love love love him. And thank you Liz for stopping by to say Hi to Buddy. He adores you. He is my son through and through. And thank you once again for capturing our relationship in a magical and fun way.
Michelle and Buddy
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