The Perfect (Photographic) Storm

February 11, 2016  •  2 Comments

All my photo sessions are special to me, each for their own reasons, and it would be impossible to designate any photo session as my favorite.  But there are some photo sessions that are truly "the perfect storm".


I had such a session about 10 days ago.  The discussion about the session originally revolved around a senior beagle and an old pickup truck.  Which in and of itself was enough to get me super excited!  Then, the owner mentioned she had a cat, and she would love to get some family photos with the dog, the cat, her husband, the old pickup truck and herself.  Totally!  Family pet photos are awesome!  And then she wondered if I might be up for including their two pet chickens.  Of course! But I did want to make sure no one was going to try to eat anyone else. Once it was clear that it was unlikely that any of the pets would be looking at any of the other pets with thoughts of dinner dancing through their heads, I was good.  I mean, senior dog, old pickup truck, cat, human parents and chickens!  This couldn't get any better!  And then the owner mentioned that the chickens had sweaters. I'll admit it; as soon as she mentioned the sweaters, I was giddy with excitement.  I don't photograph chickens too often to begin with, but chickens in sweaters?!?  That is not an opportunity you come across every day.​



When I got to the owner's house, I saw the truck.  I love cars.  I love trucks.  I love motorcycles.  In all cases, the older the better, as the 'classic' vehicles are true works of art.



Um, yeah!!!


After meeting and greeting the owners, the dog and the cat, we got down to the business of the photos.  First we started off with Milo, the dog.

007007 012012

Then we brought out Myrrh, the cat, who was surprisingly good with the snow, especially since she is almost exclusively an indoor cat.

013013 017017 019019

Given that the original idea of the shoot was to capture Milo the senior beagle and the 60 year old pickup truck,  we then moved on to some "dog in truck" photos.  There is just something fundamentally appealing about dogs in pickup trucks.

029029 038038 049049

After that, it was time for the chickens.  Chickens in sweaters!


072072 064064 069069

Feeling brave (since no one had made any attempt to eat anyone else at this point), we decided to try some photos with the full family. 

077077 074074

The perfect storm!  A full family photo with all family members present and mostly attentive!

If you'd like photos of your entire family, include the furry, feathery, and hairless family members, contact me using the contact form or call me directly at 801-712-3200 and let's set up a family photo session that includes the entire family!


Awww this is precious. I love these images; esp, chickens! How cute!!!
I wish every session had chickens with sweaters!
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