Time Flies!

September 21, 2015  •  10 Comments

The older I get the faster time seems to go - which is why I love having photographs to look back through time.   One of the best ways to slow down time a bit is to do a series of photos over time, and be able to look back at how things have changed.  I offer a Time Flies Plan that captures your pets two or three times (depending on the plan you pick) in a 12-month period, and then we put the photos together in a photo book that will let you look back through time whenever you want.


Watching time fly can include the changing of the seasons, watching a puppy grow up, or watching a new pet come into your household and flourish.  I recently completed a Puppy Grow Up session with a poodle named Winnie (and her 12 year old poodle brother Lucky).  


During the very first session, Winnie was a 16 week old ball of fluff.

At 6 months, Winnie was a bigger ball of fluff, and still very puppy-like, but you could start to see the adult in her emerging, as her legs got longer and her fat puppy belly disappeared.

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Last week, I saw Winnie again, a little over a year old, looking much less puppy-like and a lot more like an adult dog (although she's still got a fair amount of goofy puppy in her!).

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When you see your pet every day, the changes over time are subtle - you can't really pinpoint when the changes occur, but looking back at photographs, you can immediately see that little puppy again.  When I did the final session with Winnie and Lucky, I had brought along a sample photo book, that included the photograph of the 16 week old Winnie standing on the bed.  Of course her parents remember Winnie the puppy, but when they see Winnie the young adult every day, it's harder to recall the little ball of fluff that was the 16 week old Winnie.  Until they saw the photo of her.  Time travel in a photo book!

Yes, Time DOES fly, but photographs are like a time machine - you can re-visit times gone by whenever you want!


If you'd like to get more information about a Time Flies package, either to capture your puppy growing up or just to capture the seasons changing and the year progressing, fill out the contact form, or call me at 801-712-3200, so we can talk about what times you'd like to capture.  According to Einstein, we can't ever really travel back in time, so photographs are the closest we are ever going to get - don't let time pass you by!


Personalized Grooming and Care on Johns Island(non-registered)
How sweet of an idea is this! I wish I had heard of this idea sooner for my cutie dog, Jamie Lee. As she has been growing into her older years, I have loved looking back on sweet pictures of my girl but boy does she look different! It's been a treasure watching her grow up over the years, and I often wish I had taken more comparative pictures and because of this, I've been thinking of having her portrait made now. With that, do you have any tips for grooming for photoshoots? I've been going to Moonshadow Pet Resort on Johns Island, SC to have Jamie Lee groomed and they do a fantastic job, but. I was wondering if you have any trade secrets to ask the groomers to do to make Jamie Lee even more adorable in her photos? Thanks!
Dennis the Vizsla(non-registered)
hello dr liz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes dada has ben rekategorizing fotos sinse he has ben switching away frum apertchoor and he keeps finding old pikchers of tucker and trixie and pooh bear and trouble and eeven me wot he did not reemember!!! altho i am not shoor how ennywun cud forgit a pikcher of me!!! ha ha ok bye
Liz F.(non-registered)
I am Winnie's "mom." This experience was incredible for several reasons. First, Liz is just amazing, kind and compassionate, and made us all feel so good about this project. We got Winnie as an "adjustment puppy!" We moved here (Utah) with a senior in high school and a senior dog from Michigan, leaving siblings and "the pack" behind. Being involved in this project helped us all adjust to our new life, it helped us to feel settled. Documenting Winnie's growth and Lucky's adjustment to her was a hoot and a gift. I just cannot say enough about how Liz, the project, and her ability to capture the true hearts and souls of our dogs.
Lovely images!
Excellent grow with me idea. I love looking back on all the photos of my Bentley as a puppy and seeing what's changed and what hasn't. It's still fun to look at his puppy photos and see his exact same expressions he has now. Priceless. Definitely a good investment for any fur baby parents.
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