Petapalooza 2015!

September 09, 2015  •  5 Comments

Photographing adoptable pets for Salt Lake County Animal Services is one of the elements of being a pet photographer that I really, really, enjoy.  With so many people searching for their fur-ever friends using online services like Petfinder, a good photo can make the difference between someone going in to a shelter to meet their newest furry family member, and the same person scrolling on.  My own pets are full voting members of my family (actually, they hold the majority vote; my husband to me: "Do you want to watch the movie in the living room or in the bedroom?" My response: "The bedroom - the dogs will be more comfortable there.") and it brings me a great sense of fulfillment to know that I am one step in the process of bringing together pet lovers with their family members.  The time I spend volunteering with the Salt Lake County shelter really helps re-charge my mental batteries and brightens my entire day.


I usually photograph pets ready for their fur-ever homes, but I don't often get to see the pets when the are adopted with their new families. So when the volunteer coordinator asked me if I would like to help photograph adopted animals at Petapalooza 2015, a HUGE adoption event held at the Viridian Library in West Jordan, Utah at the end of August, I jumped at the chance.  Petapalooza was a great event!  There were a bunch of vendors and food trucks, and rescue organizations, live music, and, of course, a ton of adoptable dog and cats and birds - a great end-of-summer party event.  And there were a lot of people who met their newest family members there!


_DSC1641-Edit_Petapalooza-1Petapalooza 2015A happy family with their new kitten!


I think this girl's shirt and her face said it all!



This handsome pup came from the Arctic Rescue of Utah, and looks like she found a family ready for action-filled adventures!



A happy family, complete with a baby who is going to grow up with two loyal (and handsome!) siblings!



Three beautiful ladies!



And pair of beautiful ladies!


Since I was there with my camera, I also got to photograph a few adoptable dogs for rescues.


This lovely trio was from the Arctic Rescue of Utah - beautiful ladies and very cooperative with the right treats!


Mugsy!  What a face!


How could you say no to a face like that?



I also photographed people who were just out to enjoy the event with their current furry family members.




_DSC1760-Edit_DSC1760-Edit _DSC1781_Petapalooza-22_DSC1781_Petapalooza-22

It was a great event, and if I read the numbers correctly a grand total of 90 animals were adopted that day, between the rescue organizations, and Salt Lake County Animal Services!  Absolutely fantastic!


I am already looking forward to next year's party!  It was so much fun to be with fellow pet lovers, watching people with their pets, listening to their stories, and seeing everyone having a good time!


If you missed Petapalooza but would like photos of your family complete with the furry family members, contact me at 801-712-3200 or use the easy contact form. If you book a session before January 31, 2016 be sure to mention 'Petapalooza' (whether you were there or not) for special discounts on photography sessions, with a portion of each session going to help the adoptable animals at Salt Lake County Animal Services.


If you want to volunteer with Salt Lake County Animal Services, contact the volunteer coordinator for more information.  She'll work with you to find a volunteer position that best suits you - whether it is walking dogs, playing with cats and kittens, doing community outreach or even helping with office tasks - if you love animals (and I know you do!), there's a volunteer opportunity waiting for you!


Dennis the Vizsla(non-registered)
hello fiona and abbys mama its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at all those happy doggy and peepul fayses!!! and luk also a kitty fayse!!! wel kittys kannot help it if they always luk annoyd i think it is becuz they ar so mutch smarter then all the rest of us!!! ha ha ok bye
Love all of these! So glad it was successful day!
Diana Cooper(non-registered)
What a fun event! Cut pups!
What a great event Petapalooza is to help get these pets find homes. Glad that this event was successful and thanks for sharing these great pet photos!
Love the pics, great job. Thanks tons. Petapalooza rocked !
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