Fort Buenaventura - A Visit with Golden Friends

August 04, 2015  •  7 Comments

Many years ago, when my oldest dog Fiona was a puppy, I started a blog so I could share photos of her with my friends and family without sending photo-laden emails to everyone.  About 4 months after starting her blog, something unusual happened; I received a comment from 'Mango'.  It turned out Mango was a 200+ lb. brindle mastiff who wrote his own blog (with the assistance of his mother, given that Mango lacked opposable thumbs and his paws didn't really fit on the computer keyboard).  After reading Mango's blog, and blogs written by other dogs and cats, I decided Fiona would be a better author of her blog than I could ever be, and I entered the world of 'dog blogging'.  Who knew there was a world-wide network of dogs, cats, and other creatures (horses and hermit crabs, among others) that had there own blogs?  Not me.

Over time, through the magic of email, Facebook, and other online media, I became good friends with a number of people behind the blogs, despite having never met any of these people in real life.  Eventually, I found other dog bloggers in Utah, and I have since met several of them in person.

Last week, a dog blog friend was coming through Utah on her way to her home state after an extended job in another state.  A couple of other Utah dog bloggers and I managed to find a time and a location where we could all meet our mutual friend together.   We all met at the Utah state park Fort Buenaventura, and had a great time getting to know each other better, playing with the dogs, and for me, photographing the entire experience.

I finally got to meet Bert.  I've "known" Bert and his mother for years, and even though he lives in Ogden, I'd never had the chance to meet.  Bert is a therapy dog and comes to the local children's hospital, close to where I work, but the timing was never right for me to go greet Bert - and since Bert spends a lot of time working, I've had a hard time trying to get my schedule to fit in with his.  


Bert was all fluffy from recent therapy dog work, but as soon as he got close to the pond, he made sure to get rid of his fluffiness as quickly as possible!

_DSC9845_DSC9845 _DSC9842_DSC9842

Our traveling friend was Princess Harlow.  Princess Harlow lives out of state, but I've been able to follow her antics (and the antics of her family) on Facebook and through her blog.  I was curious as to whether Princess Harlow was quite as 'Princess-y' as she came across online.  Needless to say, Princess Harlow did not disappoint.



Bert and Harlow hit it off instantly, and there was much Golden Goodness.


Bert loved the pond!

_DSC9848_DSC9848 _DSC9977-Edit_DSC9977-Edit

Harlow was not so keen on the water, but really enjoyed socializing!

_DSC0116_DSC0116 _DSC0094-Edit_DSC0094-Edit

Both dogs happily posed for portraits before the afternoon was done.

_DSC0019-Edit_DSC0019-Edit _DSC0036-Edit_DSC0036-Edit

I never knew when I started Fiona's blog almost 7 years ago that I would make so many good friends through the world of dog blogging, and I certainly never realized how much these relationships would enrich my life.  And even though Mango has long since crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Mango's mother and I are very close friends.  

If you would like photos of your own pet "on location' in northern Utah, contact me for more information or call me directly at 801-712-3200!


I love the shaking water image! What a sweet dog! Great work!
What a fun shoot! These are such great photos of these dogs. Great fun photography. I bet it was not easy capturing these fellas.
Lovely images. I have a dog too, she is our family member. Nice set of images!
Aww, this is sweet and funny! I love the line about opposable thumbs... we tease our little schnauzer about that. I think it's great that you enjoy documenting your dogs adventures and have met so many people and pups from Utah and beyond.
I love all the photos! It was so nice meeting everyone! I never thought I would make so many friends with our little blog - it truly is such a wonderful experience!

Monty and Harlow
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