Our furry kids are precious to us, and you want to know who you are dealing with before you entrust your future memories to a photographer.  I don't blame you!


I believe  the past shouldn’t exist just in our minds – or on our phones. We should be able to revisit that past whenever we want.


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Photographs are more than just pictures of things and places; they are memories, stirring up the senses and transporting you into the past.

When I was a kid, I grew up in Saudi Arabia, and before we left the country, I bicycled around the community we lived in, taking photos with my little Kodak Instamatic so I would remember the place I grew up.  I still have some of those photographs (it was a film camera, so everything got printed) and looking at them I can still remember the heat and humidity and grit from the sand mingled with my sweat. 


I believe photographs are gifts for our future selves.

When I got married (I married my husband for his dogs - well, it was a package deal), I discovered how much I love photographing dogs.  When we got our first puppy together, Fiona, I started a personal blog to share the photos of her growing up with my family.  At the time I didn't realize I was documenting her life as well as the life of my entire family, but 10 years later, I’ve got a time capsule that documents her entire life – and the life of her siblings.


I believe the value of photographs increases exponentially over time.

I honestly didn't realize how valuable that blog and those photographs were until we lost Fi's younger sister Abby to cancer.  Rather than having a few photographs of Abby as her illness began to catch up with her, I have all of her antics, adventures, and dorkiness at my fingertips.  Through those photographs, Abby is alive, bouncing through life, living each moment to the fullest.   My dogs have taught me it is possible to paddle upstream in the river of time through photographs and visit the past.  I want to help you capture the now with your pets, so your future self can re-discover the moments you are living today.


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If you'd like to hear more about how I can help you create a time machine your future self can use to revisit the now you and your pet share , please take just a couple of minutes and tell me a little more about you and your pet (or pets - the more the merrier!) using the built-in contact form here.  Or, if you prefer the telephone, call me directly at 801-712-3200 and we can talk about your pets and what makes them special to you, and how we can work together to capture those precious (and exciting, and crazy, and fun) moments with your pet.


By the way, my name is Liz, I live in Park City, Utah, and I photograph pets throughout northern Utah.  By booking a session with me, you are supporting my efforts to photograph adoptable pets at Salt Lake County Animal Services.  If you hear barking in the background when we speak on the phone, that would be one or all three of my  Goldendoodles, who always have their own opinions about things and are more than happy to tell you whatever is on their minds at the moment!  When I'm not photographing pets, I am a full-time statistician at the University of Utah, crunching numbers, designing research studies, and generally engaging in Super Nerd activities!