I photographs pets and their people because I believe that the past should not exist only in the mind.

What do you want to remember in a year? Five years? Ten years? The moments that you experience with your pets right now are priceless instances in time. Photographs are like little time machines that connect our future selves with our experiences now. 

Holding a photograph, you see the image inside the frame, but it doesn’t take long before you will travel outside the edges of the photograph to the memories beyond. You see the entirety of you and your pet's life together and feel the undying love and trust. All from the photographs in your hands.

Let’s work together to create your personal time machine with you and your pet! Tell me more about you and your pet using the contact form here. You can also call or text me directly at 801-712-3200. (With all the robo-calls I get these days, if I don't answer, please leave me a message, and I'll get back to you quickly!)

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